Our projets for deaf children

In the countries in de Sahel region of Africa are living an important number of deaf children excluded from any basic education. In consequence they are excluded from society. Schools for deaf can’t bring a solution whereas these children live dispersed all over the country and schools for deaf are rare. Also these schools are costly and can do little to integrate deaf in society and the ‘world of work’. To find an appropriate answer to this situation the Kemper Foundation started in 2003, a literacy project using ‘sign language’ as a means of communication. Literacy classes with 8 to 15 children are presently spread throughout the country where the demand is. Courses are given by a local volunteers trained as ‘monitor of deaf’ by the project.

These classes can be accommodated in donated spaces or classes made available by the community: ‘foyers for the deaf’. These ‘foyers’ are managed by the parents and friends organised in a recognised local Association. After our call in 2011 also some primary schools have made a classroom available were deaf children follow their literacy courses in the same compound of their hearing comrades which promotes their integration.


The local Association of parents and friends have the full responsibility for the running of classes:

• they identify and ensure in consultation with local partners an appropriate physical space for their " equipped with furniture. • they identify in their neighbourhood the ‘monitor’ and pay him/her a modest compensation

For the litercy classes Kemper Foundation and its donor partners cover:

  • the development of the curricula (content and method of the teaching programme)
  • the training of ‘monitor of deaf’
  • the provision of teaching and learning materials
  • the inspection of courses
  • the mobilisation of scholarships for deaf through which the monitors can receive a modest compensation
  • Where the Association of parents construct their own "foyer for deaf" the Kemper Foundation may assist the local association with a donation
  • Many parents with deaf children are waiting for our support to start their ‘foyer’, join the Kemperstichting to help them!

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