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Execution of our projects is being entrusted to partners in Senegal. By doing this we invest in the build up of execution capacity in what is called the ‘third world’ and bring ‘overhead costs’ to a realistic minimum.

The Association of friends of the Educational Resources Centres (AMCRE) is a registered non-profit association in Senegal keeping track of our projects. To this extend KS signed a cooperation agreement with AMCRE in which the conditions have been stipulated: Yearly (during the month of September) AMCRE presents KS with a list of donations requested by operational partners at field level. In this list AMCRE retains proposals it evaluated and provides a comment. In the second yearly governing board meeting KS selects proposals it can retain in relation to resources available at her level. The following year AMCRE presents (during the month of Mai) justifications of project components realised and AMCRE’s final report covering the past year. Following the signed agreement KS refunds (from its KS resources) all costs involved at the level of AMCRE and related to the execution of its projects.

The governing board of AMCRE is composed as follows:

function name
Président Babacar Fall
Secretary Fatou NDiaye
Treasurer Thierno NDiaye

AMCRE maintains its own website (in French language) www amcre-afr.org

Contact: B.P. 5155 Dakar, Senegal


The first partners at the level of project execution were ‘civil UNESCO Clubs in Senegal’ which have engaged in the management of ‘Educational Resources Centres (ERC) created in the ’90 under the UNESCO Co-Action programme. Presently these partners are in particular being involved with the execution of the second programme of KS : ‘Promoting the use of knowledge gained in basic education to effectively ‘live better’. This includes the maintenance of multi-functional libraries and an appropriate programme of promoting activities. Each UNESCO club is being engaged as an independent operational partner.

RFS (Reseau de Foyer de Sourds)Local Associations of Parents et friends of deaf children

This is a network of Local Associations of Parents and Friends of deaf children. They are responsible for their own foyers (classes of deaf). At the fall of 2016 there were 25 foyers with together some 200 pupils enrolled. 250 deaf children had by then already completed their courses. As an operational partner the network RFS is also supported by KS.

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