The Kemper Foundation

The Kemper Foundation’ is a non-governmental institution based in the Netherlands. It promotes development in countries of the ‘Sahel’ zone of Africa presently in particular in Senegal through support to small scale projects locally formulated in relation to priorities within global objectives .

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Who and why ?

The Kemper Foundation was created by Jan de Bosch Kemper born in 1941 in Amsterdam. After completing his studies in the Netherlands as a construction engineer he made a tour to Africa where he was charmed by its nature, population and culture, and challenged by the poor living conditions of many and the potential for improvement with local available resources. He decided to stay and participate in the promotion of sustainable development. After having worked as an architect for two years in Dar es Salaam he engaged with UNESCO as an architect-planner with its Regional Educational Building Institute for Africa (REBIA) based in Khartoum. He stayed with UNESCO and educational facilities in Africa for the rest of his working life, building up capacities in Cameroun and Rwanda and covering nearly all newly independent African countries from his post as senior architect-planner at the Regional UNESCO office for Education in Africa based in Dakar. After his retirement at the age of 60 he remained in Senegal to continue his work in a non-governmental associative context working with the local population: ‘small is beautiful, people to people is best’ and large is achieved through cooperation.

Become donor and join

The ‘Kemper Foundation’ focalises action on some particular areas. You can designate the specific project for which you want to contribute or you can make a general donation. The governing board of the ‘Kemper Foundation’ ensures that 100% of your donation will be spend on project realisation at the level of the ‘grassroots’. All overhead costs are being financed directly by the ‘Kemper Foundation’ and detailed justifications will be provided on request. When you want to remain informed or comment, you may enlist as a friend.

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